Saturday, June 04, 2011

Are mosquitoes bugging you?

My friends up the North Fork at Pa Van Ranch, are complaining about the mosquitoes this year -- more than normal -- with all the rain and cold weather we've had this Spring.  Normally I am bugged by them, too.  But last year Robin picked up a bug light with pheromones and I hadn't been bothered much this year.  That is until the pheromone ran out on Friday. 

Friday night I noticed the pesky biters buzzing around my face when I came in from the car, like other years.  Today Robin replaced the pheromone and (sigh of relief) no more bothersome biters.

Our bug light is a low energy electric light with a pheromone packet that attaches to the underside and gives off its seductive (to mosquitoes) scent by the heat of the lamp.  We keep it plugged in from May until frost and it keeps the mosquitoes under control.  The pheromone needs replacing every 3 to 4 weeks, so if you get one make sure you also pick up extra pheromone packets.

Our light protects 1 acre.  There are larger units that protect up to 2 acres and smaller units for a 1/2 acre.  Ours protects both, us near the house, and our livestock in the barns.  When the livestock are in the pasture they are still bugged, as are we in the lower garden.  There are propane units based on the same principle for areas away from electric power. 

One draw back with the lights is that ours has bars around the light that allow larger moths through.  I would prefer a grid that would keep larger moths, like the sphynx moths, away from the light.  The new ones that Amazon carries, have grids but I'm not sure if the holes are small enough to protect the larger moths from harm. We're going to build a cage of chicken wire around ours. 

The lights also work for wool moths and food moths and have been used successfully in food business and grain mills. 

I was really happy to find a solution to this irritating problem.   And now Joybilee Farm visitors don't have to slap mosquitoes when they come to the studio.

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