Thursday, June 09, 2011

10 Top Online Resources on Agritourism

  1. BC Government Agritourism fact sheet
  2. Virginia Tech Co-operative Extension paper on Agritourism (pdf download)
  3. How to Choose an Agritourism Venture to increase Farm income, from EHow
  4. Agri-tourism Option paper for State of Massachusetts
  5. Entertainment Farming and Agri-tourism Business Guide from National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (pdf download)
  6. Establishment of an Agritourism Industry in Kentucky — White Paper (pdf download)
  7. Agri-tourism in Focus:  A Guide for Tennessee Farmers (pdf download)
  8. The Agri-tourism Market:  Drivers and Demand in a Growing Industry (pdf download with pictures)
  9. Agritourism Resource Manual (pdf download)
  10. Lesson Plan:  The Pumpkin Patch — a venture in Agri-tourism from Stats Canada (pdf download)
These are the best online resources available for Agritourism in North America.  Some of them are government documents, and some are non-profit research papers.

Use them as a starting place to gain a thorough understanding of what agritourism is, how it might be useful to your operation, how to include agritourism in your business plan and your risk management assessment.  These guides will also give you some perspective on the how many farms are engaging in agritourism in North America and what they are finding success in.

I hope you’ve gained some creative ideas on how to make your small farm more profitable, through this 5 part series on Agritourism.  Let me know what you think — leave a comment.

This is the final article in a series of 5 articles on Agritourism.

Part 1:  6 Compelling Reasons to Diversify with Agritourism
Part 2:  How to plan the Ultimate Agritourism Destination
Part 3:  Agritourism Advertising Strategies that Wont Break the Bank 
Part 4:  10 Creative ways to cultivate profit through Agritourism
Part 5:  10 Top Onlline Resources on Agritourism

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