Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Conversation Evolves

I am in transition.  My 14 years of homeschooling my own children is at an end.  I am a grand mother -- although I rarely see my son or his family -- so my fantasies of what life would be like in grandparenthood have not born out in reality.  I find much pleasure in my organic fibre farm, dye garden and linen patch and also in communicating my exporations to you through this blog.  But I wonder are you finding pleasure in reading what I'm saying?  Is this conversation I'm having with you through the blog, meaningful to you?  What topics do you enjoy reading about here?  What articles would you like to see addressed here?

Blogging is a conversation.  Tell me what you think.  I'm all ears.
Blogging is essentially a conversation, where I share with you the things I'm thinking about, researching or attempting and you tell me if you've tried the same thing, or if you find inspiration in the post, or even if it missed you completely.  I would like to find ways to engage you more in the conversation.  Tell me what you think.


  1. I'm interested in your explorations in local products and general news of the farm.

  2. I bought some seeds from you last year, (woad and flax) and love reading about the work you're doing with natural dyes in general. I'm growing out those seeds this season, along with any other dye/fiber plant I can grow or gather, and hoping to spend some time experimenting with a dye pot, fleece and dried plant matter this fall.

    Your work with natural dyes is very interesting to me, especially as you tend to be self-sufficient rather than use a lot of purchased items. I look forward to hearing more about your book too. I'd happily purchase an ebook today of any detailed instructions or information you'd care to publish about growing and using fiber and dye plants. I live on a sheep farm in Lanark County, just outside of Ottawa, so you know our hedgerows are loaded with good stuff.

    I appreciate the occasional animal cuteness too, so bring on the pictures! It's really nice to get a glimpse of your lovely farm. Thanks for the blog.

  3. I so enjoy your Blog and find the arts side most exciting. I have 5 pair of socks one of them Yoga socks and a wonderful no sew T-shirt bag. I love the time together if only on the Blog. I can still keep in touch.