Saturday, May 07, 2011

Are you within my fibre shed area?

Kirsten sent me a mapping tool that will generate a cicle on a map of any radius.  Here's the tool if you want to find 150 miles (242 km) around your location.

This is my fibreshed:

If you are within my fibreshed and would like to play please comment on this post and we will collaborate.  The first project is a fashion show on August 6 at Joybilee Farm.
Entries for the fashion show should be sourced from fiber grown within the radius of this map, be designed and created within the circle of this map and ready for our models to wear.  Our American friends are welcome to join in.

There will be prizes in two categories - Fashion within the Joybilee Farm fibreshed and Fashion within your fibershed.

This may be the start of a long term collaboration.  If you'd like to join in the fun, please comment.

There is also a Saltspring Island local fibreshed project:
Contact Terri if you want to get involved with the Salt Spring Project.


  1. That's a great tool! I see that our Fibresheds overlap - that is great news....cover the globe with fibresheds all working together and sharing ideas.


  2. Can you imagine the synergism if we could really all work together clothing the communities that we live in? The ideas that we would get to create beautiful, local clothing would be phenomenal. Sometimes I feel like all I would need to finish more projects is a little encouragement.

    Thanks for the encouragement.