Saturday, April 02, 2011

Farm Fresh 100% wool Baby Clogs

Wet felted baby clogs in 6-9 months, 9-12 months, and 12 to 18 months.  Made with 100 % natural, renewable wool dyed in natural dyes.  Aren't they sweet? 

I wonder if any of these will fit Celia, my grand daughter?  I haven't seen her feet since September 4th.  I wonder how long and wide they are now?

Wool felt is a healthy alternative to vinyl, PVC, and leather shoes.  Even natural leather is infused with the chemicals of the tanning and dyeing process and will off gas for many months -- as long as they fit your child. 

Baby's feet will breath in these clogs.  There are no toxins to off gas with natural wool.  Wool absorbs 30 % of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet.  Wool is naturally antibacterial, resists soiling and will continue to support and shape to babies foot as the clogs are worn for a perfect fit.
Wool will keep baby's feet warm in winter and cool in summer, insulating and absorbing moisture. 
The wool massages baby's feet, too, improving circulation and stimulating muscle development. Wool is the perfect shoe for baby's growth and development.  And wool felt is a traditional shoe material in Scotland and northern Europe.

The Scottish shepherds wore clogs walking over the heath with their sheep.  I had imagined they were wooden, and wondered if they stumbled on the uneven ground.  I now think the clogs must have been wool felt.  Since the wool was nigh at hand and a pair can be made in a few hours -- quicker than a pair of moccasins and more durable.  They would wear well on soft ground and could be washed if they stepped in something unpleasant.  And if they walked through a bog, their feet would stay warm.

I wonder if all the northern European peoples had wool clogs as well as wooden ones.  Or woolen clogs with wooden soles?  Now I want a pair of woolen clogs, too.

See more of these in the studio/gift shop at Joybilee Farm, when you visit this summer.  Or check out our website.

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