Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sock Tutorial Part 4 -- The foot

So by now you should have knit the cuff, the leg, the heel flap, turned the heel and picked up and knit the gusset and you are ready to knit the foot, in the round.

If you need help with the the heel and the heel gusset refer to the three videos of the previous posts.

To knit the foot of the sock, you want to remember to knit the instep stitches in your pattern stitch -- which is 2 x 2 ribbing in this case. And the sole stitches (the other two needles) in stockinette (knit every stitch), for a smooth, hard wearing bottom.

Tip: When knitting the sole stitches you want to pull up tighter on your stitches to give a firm sole, that will resist wear. But on the instep stitches knit with your usual tenion to give a stretchy instep. The difference should be minimal but will make a long term difference in the comfort and longevity of your sock.

Knit in your pattern stitch/stockinette for the length of the foot less 2 inches. At which point you will begin toe decreases.

The next post will give you tips on decreasing for the toe. And then the final step, closing the toe with kitchener stitch.

Then I will discuss knitting socks with handspun yarn, and designing your own socks so keep checking back.

Completed socks from Opal Sock Yarn

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