Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Mother Daughter Project Part 2

The four panels of free woven cloth are wet finished and pressed. We started the work of draping the fabrics on Sarah and constructing the jacket yesterday. Saori weaving and clothing making is freeing and inspirational. No paper patterns are used and very little cutting. The fabric is draped over the model and pinned, folded and stitched to fit.

If you've just tuned in you can read part 1 about our project here.

All the yarns used in this project are handspun.  The cloth was woven on two Ashford knitter's looms -- a 50 cm and a 30 cm loom -- using tapestry techniques and interlocking weft.

Here is the work in progress:

The inspiration for this project.

4 handwoven panels of merino/silk wet finished and ready for sewing.

The fabric 80% merino wool and 20% silk really blossomed in the wetfinishing.  The colours glow and the cloth has a nice drape and an incredibly soft, velvety hand.

The back of the jacket in progress.  No cutting has been done.  The nice selvedges become the hem and seams are overlapped.

The front of the jacket in progress.

The side of the jacket in progress.  Notice how the hem in the front is higher than the back.  We are working on a fix.

More on this project in a few days.  The goal is to finish this by Friday, in time to take it to the Vernon Spin in for show & tell on Saturday.

Part 3.

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