Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter at the Farm

Snow dogs
Joybilee Farm is fresh with new snow this morning and the day is warmer by far than the last few weeks.  It was -22C just 2 days ago and above 0C today.  I've been pretty quiet shuffling papers on the desk, preparing ads for the tourism publications, due out in a month or two, and spinning and getting ready to weave.  (more about that in another post).  Robin has been knitting socks on the antique Autoknitter, getting ready for summer visitors, in the evenings and spending the daytime keeping us in firewood, feeding animals and preparing for lambing to begin in 6 weeks. 
Sapphire and her twin lambs, born December 1st.

Ducks playing in the snow in the yard.
Sheep that need a haircut.

Our shearer fired us this year.  We were expecting it for a couple years now.   So we knew it was just a matter of time.  Our friend is looking for shearing equipment for us and we will be learning to shear our own flock.  You can see how they are begging for a new haircut.  But it will be at least a month before the weather is consistently warm enough to oblige them.  Robin has kept the fleece nice and clean this year, carefully putting the hay below their heads in the feeders.  I'm looking forward to carding some of it up to spin.

Goat's Milk Soap waiting for packaging.

Fresh batches of soap, embossed and ready to be packaged
Robin has been making soap every week and now has a full stock of all the goat's milk soap varieties.  There's more to make to get ready for the farmer's markets but at least we can meet the website demand once again.

These bars are Goat's Milk and Peppermint and Milk & Honey.  The house smells of peppermint this morning with the soap sitting on the kitchen table waiting to be packaged.