Wednesday, November 17, 2010

UFOs -- 1 becomes a FO yesterday.

Yesterday I found my box of UFOs and dug through to find an abandoned sewing project.  McCalls Pattern 3323 - a Laura Ashley designer pattern in a pink heart print flannel.  This project was begun in 1997 -- Sarah was 3 and just starting to investigate everything mommy was doing.  Sewing projects left out became a hazard and the project was put away.  After we moved to our smaller log house in 2003 there was no place to set up a sewing station and all sewing projects must be pursued at the dining room table.  You can guess how much sewing gets accomplished with that constraint.

I've taken it out twice before and done a bit of it, only to put it away at a meal time.  It is a challenging pattern with ruffles around the button placket, collar and cuffs -- as most Laura Ashley patterns have. 

Yesterday, with the collar, two sleeves with ruffled cuffs and buttons left -- I took it out after lunch.  Rabbit soup was on the wood stove for dinner and the family agreed to eat in the living room so that I could keep working on the project -- finished at 10pm.  Yes!  The pattern was a size SMALL (8-10) so I wondered if it would still fit -- I've gained a few xx lbs in the last decade.  But it fit with no adjustments.  Yeah!  Done!  Fine!  Sarah is in grade 12 now -- That's only 14 years.

Today I will tackle the curtain that sits in the UFO box -- its mate has been up since 2005, and is pretty lonely covering half a window.  Wish me success.

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