Thursday, November 04, 2010

Frosty Fall at the Farm

We've had an amazing October weather-wise.  So many sunny afternoons, enough rain to keep the grass green, and frost every morning.  We managed to get the potatoes and carrots harvested from the garden -- with a couple extra weeks of growth, which means a better harvest.  Now all that's left is Kale and a few cabbages and turnips.  It was definitely a Cole year in the garden -- cold and wet Spring and long sunny Fall.  But most of the Cole plants (cabbage, winter radish, broccoli, kale, turnip) will keep for a while in the fridge or cold storage.  Nice.  We are actually eating 100% farm raised meals now -- that feels so good!

The first set of lambs went to the abatoir last week and to our customers yesterday.  We were happy -- they didn't have much fat and dressed out to a decent weight-- proof that our switching to whole grain - gmo-free feed is working.  Our flock seems much healthier this year.  There weren't unhealthy before but the switch in feed seems to be making them glow -- softer fleeces, brighter eyes, less problems overall. 

We have a few coloured angora kids available for sale this year -- one buckling and a doe or two.  Plus quite a few white animals that are colour carriers.  You can read about them here

And the fall litters of baby French angora bunnies are available now.  There are some ruby eyed whites and some lilacs in these litters.  I'll be keeping back blacks and fawns for this season.  In the older baby bunnies there are still some lilacs, rews, and spots.

Time to start felting for the Christmas Artisan Faires.  The garden has stretched out longer than usual. 

Musically speaking, we are practicing for a 20 minute performance of harp, mandolin, xylophone, guitar and recorder for a Christmas banquet.  The Christmas carols sound heavenly on the harp and I am being challenged and stretched in my arrangements for this event.  All the pieces are our own arrangements and there is a lot of satisfaction in that.


  1. Sounds Fabulous... have a fantastic Autumn!

  2. Life is as it should be and it sounds like life is good