Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Satellite internet

The satellite internet is in and working.  The new computer is empty, or so it seems with its 1 T. of memory and 6 gb of ram.  I downloaded firefox, malwarebytes and AVG and everything was going smoothly.  Sarah updated her AVG after almost 6 months and then the unthinkable happened.  Windows, all on its own, with no prompting from me, and without my permission, downloaded 28 updates and used all the available bandwidth -- 250 mb.  That exceeded our allowance for the day and we are down to less than dial up speeds -- actually its worse than that -- I can't even load blogspot on it.  Now it should be for just 10 hours -- the end of the first 24 hours on the satellite,  but instead it is for the next 24 hours -- how does that work?   

I can see that we will be curtailed on our internet usage considerably over the next two weeks while each of our 3 computers downloads the updates that are necessary to allow it to function optimally.  (I'm currently working at the 7 year old Gateway computer) It may be a month before I can actually get down to business with website upgrades.  So we'll keep the dial up for a month or two while everything get sorted out.

Our satellite internet provider is Xplornet, but we are hitchhiking on the Hughesnet satellite over Spokane.  We have a great connection -- its just the bandwidth that's a bit weird.  Also we don't have an email account yet.  Hope that comes in soon.  John, at the Source in Grand Forks, told us that we could download between 11pm and 3am without affecting our bandwidth limits but I haven't seen that in writing yet.  In fact I haven't seen the contract at all.

I'm not very high tech but I do try to learn what I need to know to keep our website useful to you.  Hopefully this learning curve, (actually it seems more like a mountain, with steep precipices and death-defying cliffs, along a narrow, curvy inclined road) will be surmounted soon and I can get on with business.

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