Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Satelite Internet and Joybilee Farm's Law of Acquisition

Telus dialup has been out since Thursday.  A cable was cut between Hope and Princeton that cut off dialup internet access to the Southern B.C. Interior.   Can you believe it?  One cable has silenced a huge part of the province and greatly curtailed our ability to update our website, blog, and facebook fans.  One day was manageable but when it stretched into 5, Robin had to go to the neighbor's, who wisely is on satellite internet, to check for business emails.  Then I went into Grand Forks yesterday, to check emails again.

Enough!  Today we are hooking up to Satellite internet.  Hopefully, that will mean more efficient website updates, greater blog-ability, and more striking Facebook entries.  My goodness, I will even be able to upload videos!  Hey, I will even be able to watch other people's videos on spinning, weaving, -- even harp playing.

And all while leaving the phone lines free to take your calls.  Nice.

To celebrate we purchased a brand new computer on the weekend.  The computer I am using right now is 7 years old.  It was time to upgrade.  But the old computer will still be in use.  The problem was that Robin needed the computer to do his HST returns, and keep the business books, while I needed the computer to update the blog, facebook and website.  And Sarah needed the computer to print out her school work.  Now there will be a choice of computers and hopefully a more efficient Joybilee Farm, and a calmer family atmosphere. 

Ok, if I could I would knit a computer, but it aint possible yet.  So I'll save the knitting for clothes and household textiles and spend the money on the computer.

Our new computer has an energy efficient LCD screen -- bigger than our old screen but uses only the power of a 60W light bulb.  Wow!  You could run this new computer on solar power.

And it was 1/3rd the price of our former computer.  What's with that?  The downside?  All the programs that we previously needed to run our business have to be bought again for the new computer -- for the most recent editions.  Hey, Microsoft Office costs more than the computer did. 

Joybilee Farm's Law of Acquisition:  For every acquisition, another acquisition must be made to use, protect or maintain the original acquisition . Carefully consider each acquisition that you bring into your life.  Don't be owned by that which you acquire.

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