Friday, October 08, 2010

Fabulous Felted Clothing

My new felting book, Felting Fashion, Creative and Inspirational techniques for feltmakers, by Lizzie Houghton, arrived yesterday and I'm very excited.

The jacket on the cover is enticing and inspirational.  The book covers regular felting, cobweb felt and nuno felt techniques, using both flat felt and 3D felt with a resist/template.  The colour combinations and textures on the garments are rich and invite you to stoke each one.  Ah, but they are only photographs.  The directions are thorough and invite you to get out your soap, water, wool and silk scraps and have a go.  From simple but inspirational broaches to funky hats, scarves, shawls and on to fitted jackets

I have a jacket in my closet that I get compliments everytime I wear it. It is made with a patchwork of velvet and satin fabrics in rich jewel tones.  It is loose and flowing and looks great on my voluptuous sillouette.  I have wanted to recreate this designer garment in felt but I wanted the patchwork look without actually having to sew together a bunch of squares of fabric.   I wanted the contrast in textures and the flowing lines.  This book tells me how to create exactly the feel and look I am after using nuno felt techniques and a resist.  Awesome.

If you love wearable art, wool and silk, felting and fiberart you need to read this inspiring book.

I can't wait for next week and my dye vats to begin to dye some of our fleece for the project.  And speaking of slow fashion....

This Saturday in Summerland we'll be at the first annual slow fiber festival being put on by the Desert Sage Spinners and Weavers in Summerland at the Youth Centre.  It is a festival about local fiber and local designers who are using local fiber for their creatons.  It is a brand new baby so there are sure to be some messes, but I'm looking forward to participating and giving some of our energy to the adventure.   On Saturday at 1pm and again at 3pm I'll be demonstrating flax/linen.  We'll have the artisan flax break for breaking the already retted flax and we'll be talking about the steps it takes from linen flower to final garment.  Come on out and enjoy the momentum.  It can only get better.

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