Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bugs are ironed out and we are back on schedule

Well the bugs with the Satellite internet are getting ironed out.  Apparently we can download as much as we want between 11pm and 2am, so our updates are scheduled for that time period.  It could mean a few late nights to upload website updates.  Windows has been reined in to comply with our wishes regarding update times.  AVL is now loaded and up to date.

I`ve got a high quality web cam and speakers on order so that we can use Skype.  Did you know there are harp teachers who will teach harp lessons through Skype?  I was hoping to visit with my son and his family through Skype.  Most of the grand parents we know use Skype to visit with their grand children -- most of them weekly.  But I've been informed that they don't want to do that.  Its really sad for me.  But we're going to install it anyway.  Maybe my eldest son will hook up Skype and we can visit.  It will be a long time before I can travel to Vancouver again. 

So look for website updates coming soon to  I washed 3 white kid mohair fleeces yesterday.  Made our last batch of Joybilee Farm Hemp Rescue Remedy of 2010, used up the 2010 harvest of Balm of Gilead, and harvested 2 rows of potatoes, with Robin's help. The dehydrator is full of prune plums and white grapes.

The garden continued to produce even after the frost started.  I'm really happy about that.  We've had awesome broccoli, potatoes, chard, kale, and a few beauty radishes and cabbages. And finally we've had enough season that I'm sure we'll have carrots to harvest in a week.  The squash didn't produce but I bought some butternut squash from Mobetta Farms in Grand Forks, so we are good for winter.

A farm visitor brought some corn, grapes, apples and plums on Tuesday and invited us to come to their farm in Westbank after the Fiber show on Saturday and pick plums.  Our friends are bringing more apples and some pears back for us from Keremeos when they travel for Thanksgiving Weekend.  So by next week we should be good for winter fruit, have all our potatoes harvested and be getting the garden to bed for the winter.  I will still need to buy a bag of onions.

Robin had to cut down 7 trees for the satellite dishes path so once he's cut it all into stove lengths we'll have another cord of wood for winter, too.  Just 200 more bales of hay to bring home for winter.  The first 100 we got were dusty with mold so we have switched hay sources and are getting it from another farm, closer to home -- better quality -- lower price -- less time and this farm is helping Robin load it.

Homesteading is rewarding work.

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