Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rainbow Rovings

This week the dye pots have been going in earnest -- Ashford low impact acid dyes not natural dyes -- for rainbow rovings in fine wool, and tussah silk.  I thought at the time that I was getting heaps of dyeing done, but when it was dried and packaged it didn't look like as much as I thought it was. 

Now there is fresh stock of all the wool roving colourways and most of the silk roving colourways.  4 kgs. of wool and 3 kgs. of silk.  And its just in time for the Rock Creek Fair on Saturday and Sunday.  My friend Karen always comes by in the first hours of the Fair to dig through the dyed rovings for her felt work and rustic decor.  So Karen this is for you.

Wool Roving in Circus, Circus
This will be our 7th year at the Rock Creek Fair.  We are in our usual spot by the Sheep barns with a huge demo tent plus our modest vendor tent.  At 2pm on Saturday and at 12 Noon on Sunday you can participate in a hands on Indigo Dye Demonstration.

Lynnette with her Silk Charmeuse, Indigo dyed scarf -- Beautiful!

Dye blanks will be available for sale for a modest fee ($3 for cotton fat quarters to $15 for a silk charmeuse scarf ready-to-dye).  Its a great time to make some gifts for your friends and family -- while someone else has to clean up the mess.  We'll have a table with string, buttons, elastics and clamps ready for your creativity and a vat to play in .  Kiwi (last year's bottle lamb) will be with us along with Iota (This year's bottle goat) and Amethyst (a bottle bunny -- our first). 

Kiwi, last year's bottle lamb

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