Saturday, September 04, 2010

Pierre Pflieger and the Flax Break

2010 Flax Harvest -- Ilona on the left and Hermes on the Right.

Pierre Pflieger and his artisan flax break

Pierre and Marie (France) Robin and Sarah (Joybilee Farm)
Wwoofers, Pierre and Marie came to us from France.  Pierre is a cabinet maker and Marie has her master's degree in Heritage and Cultural Tourism -- a perfect pair for Joybilee Farm.  Marie learned to needle felt and wet felt while she helped us in the garden, and the kitchen and got to know the animals.  She had many very good ideas to help us promote Joybilee Farm as a tourist destination, too.  We will be implementing some of these ideas very soon.

Pierre's expertise as a wood worker and furniture designer was put to good use designing a beautiful artisan flax break.  Pierre used scrap wood that he found in Robin's workshop and used his expert alchemy to transform it into a beautiful tool that will be a joy to use for many years.  We are so excited about this because the bottle neck in our flax processing has been the breaking process -- which with our first flax break was slow and painful.  With this new flax break -- not only is the process much more efficient and quicker but it is even pleasureable.  Beautiful tools make the work seem like play.

Thank you, Pierre and Marie, we so very much enjoyed getting to know you. Our gates and doors are mended thanks to you.  Our appetites are satisfied and our hearts are richer for your friendship.  Your upbeat attitudes were inspiring for us and we have new ideas to make Joybilee Farm a better attraction for tourists and fiber artists.  If you are a wwoofer host and you have a chance to welcome Marie and Pierre to your farm -- don't hesitate for a second -- you will be so much richer for the experience of knowing them.

Pierre will be selling the woodworking plans for this beautiful artisan flax break soon -- in English, French or German.  Contact Pierre if you'd like to order them.

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