Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dog Attack again

My neighbor's Rottweiler again attacked my herd.  This time he chewed the backside right off of a my best registered dairy goat.  The brave goat walked with the herd all the back to the house, almost a km.  Her tail was chewed off.  She no longer had a vulva, only 1/3rd of her rectum was left and she could no longer pee. 
But she came all the way home and had a bowl of grain.  She only cried once while the vet examined her.  What a brave and faithful animal.

But it was impossible to help her and so she was mercifully put down. 

At times like this God's strength is the power that demands that we continue to 'love our neighbor as ourselves' and it is his loving strength that enables us to obey his commands.  I need that strength today.  I cannot do it by myself.

The dog will most likely be relocated to a home away from livestock.  I hope he doesn't harm a child next.  But he will not be coming back here, the neighbor promised.  The very wealthy neighbor has promised to pay for our loss.  But what about the loss of milk, the loss of companionship?  He just said he was losing his dog, too.  Just because he did not take him through obedience training.  I feel sorry for the dog.  Dogs need proper training, not foolish owners.

We have cougars, bears, lynx, bob cat, coyote, wolf and have never lost an animal to predators (except for a few poultry), but this untrained rottweiler has attacked twice in 4 months.  Why does the neighbor not keep him on a leash as he promised he would? 

Good bye Netty Betty.  You were a very special friend.  We will miss you.


  1. Oh dear heavens...that is so horrible and tragic for your poor brave animal. I can tell you I have tears in my eyes right now :-((
    I am afraid it is the type of story I hear many dog owners are irresponsible and it seems nothing gets done.

  2. Well, the dog will no longer live in this neighborhood. I do love animals and I don't want to see a dog destroyed because his owner was irresponsible. It is our choice apparently whether the dog is relocated or destroyed. It should be the owners.

  3. I agree totally. It is the owners that should be punished but once a dog gets like that I think it might be hard to rehabilitate them.
    Anyhow it was very heartbreaking about your little goat and I am very sorry that this happened.