Thursday, September 23, 2010

City of Grand Forks recognizes Arts and Culture Contributions

Last night Robin and Chris Dalziel of Joybilee Farm were awarded a Certificate of Merit by the City of Grand Forks,  for their tireless volunteer contributions to the well being of the Community of the City of Grand Forks.  Robin and Chris have worked as volunteers over the years on the Grand Forks Farmer's Market, the Boundary Artisan Association, the Canada Day Artisan Market and the Art Gallery's 25th Anniversary Artisan Market.  One significant contribution was the liason with the Columbia Basin Culture Tour to have the Boundary Region included in the 2010 Culture Tour as a Pilot project.  "If you need something accomplished in Arts and Culture the Dalziels are the people to talk to."

12 certificates were awarded at the award ceremony that took place at the Grand Forks Art Gallery on Wednesday night.  Robin and Chris were one of only two couples recognized together, for their contribution, one of only two awards given for a contribution to Arts and Culture, and the only volunteers who reside in the West Boundary region, rather than near the City of Grand Forks.

Robin and Chris Dalziel receive the award from City Councillor, Chris Moslin
Thank you to Dawsha Hunt (Grand Forks Tourist Information Centre),Wendy Butterfield (GF Art Gallery and Heritage Centre -- Gallery 2) and Cher Wyrs (Councillor, City of Grand Forks) for your nomination and support.  It was a great encouragement to us to be recognized by the City of Grand Forks, since we live outside the City.  It demonstrates the desire of the City of Grand Forks to be inclusive of the rest of the Boundary Region, working together to build a better region.

There were 12 other recipients recognized for the extensive and tireless volunteerism on such projects as the Economic Development Committee, The Transition House, Habitat for Humanity, Music in the Park, and the Grand Forks Solar City Project. 

The Boundary Region is a great place to live. 

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