Monday, September 27, 2010

The Academics of Craft and sustainability.

Making Futures: the crafts in the context of emerging global sustainability agendas, a conference at the Plymouth College of Art (UK), in Sept. 2009.

The papers presented at this conference are available for free download  

Many interesting  perspectives on globalization, craft, culture and sustainability.  If you are of an academic bent you will find it a valuable resource.



  1. And this is new? I made my gift list for years to help with my income. I gave the most expensive gifts and never was forgotten an invitation to anything. Sustainable YES , but the inward rewards out weigh everything else. Connie

  2. Right on, Connie. Us, too. But its nice to see the starchy academics finally weighing in on the sustainability issues -- its what subsistence farmers (er, I mean, organic) farmers have known all along.

    The best part is teaching the next generation -- see the post on our wwoofers -- they have caught it, in spite of their academics and they are keen to express their creativity in a sustainable way.