Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our wwoofers

Today we said goodbye to Aki (Japan) and Heike (Germany).  We were sad to see them go and very happy that they came to spend two weeks with us at Joybilee Farm.  They started to learn to spin but with English being their second language it was more difficult for them to spin and talk English at the same time.  And they did like to talk English to each other and to us.  After a few days we realized that spinning was not as relaxing for them as it should be so we decided to felt instead.

The girls washed a fine, rambouillet fleece and we carded it and I showed them how to lay out a fine, felt scarf.  After quite a lot of hand felting they each had an embellished, light weight, soft scarf. 
Aki laying out her scarf from Sapphire's fleece

The girls also gathered some golden rod flowers and we dyed the scarves together with the golden rod extraction.  The scarves were washed and dried in time to pack for the next trip.  It was such a priviledge to meet Heike and Aki and to get to know them .  What beautiful young ladies!  They will succeed in life.

Heike (Germany) and Aki (Japan) with their felted scarves


  1. Thank youuuu :-) I learned a lot and it was really a nice time - only too short :-((( Thank you for everything! A big hug, Heike

  2. Hi, Heike
    You are beautiful! We so loved having you here at Joybilee Farm. You have such a sweet spirit. I hope the rest of your visit to Canada is wonderful. Hugs! Chris