Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Linen Festival Line Up

The Third Annual Joybilee Farm Linen Festival is this coming Saturday 10am to 5pm.  Admission to the farm is $7 per person or $25 per family.  Children 5 and under are free.  Become a fan of Joybilee Farm on Facebook and receive $2 off the admission charge.

Here's how the day looks so far:

Gate opens at 10 am.

Ongoing throughout the day:
There will be refreshments by donation -- GingerAle, Tea, Coffee, Apple juice, cookies, flax bread, fresh fruit.  Bring a lunch if you want.  The BBAM Emergency Food Hamper program will benefit from 100% of the donations.

Artisan Flax breads will be available for sale.

The flax break is set up outside the studio for you to help yourself.  Break your own flax for spinning or braid a bracelet to take home.

The Spinning Circle is set up for your pleasure.  Set up your wheel and get comfortable.  New spinner or you left your wheel at home?  No problem, get a quick lesson on spindle spinning and have a go.  Spindles available for loan or sale.  Your life may never be the same.

Linda Heinrich's new book:  Linen will be available for you to preview and preorder.  The publication date is set for the end of the month.

Linen and Hemp garments from the Doukhobor Museum at Fructova
A display of historical Doukhobor hemp and linen clothing and textiles will be on display along with antique processing equipment, courtesy of the Boundary Museum at Fructova.   The museum will have their own linen and textile display with a loom set up for you to weave on for the weekend, so plan to extend your visit to the Boundary and stop by the Museum in Grand Forks to see historical textiles and processing equipment on display.

The Studio is Open and the artisan market (smaller than we had hoped but still linen related).  One must see is the quilt made from antique linen by Rae.

Randy Cowan of Crop Fibers Canada demonstrating on a Doukhobor Flax Break
11am Randy Cowan, from Crop Fibers Canada, will be speaking on the efforts in Saskatchewan to reclaim the fiber from oil seed flax and the R & D into uses for all parts of the flax plant.  He was very informative last year and helpful to those wanting to plant fiber flax for the first time.  He is demonstrating flax breaking on an antique Doukobhor flax break.

Robin Harvesting Fiber Flax
1pm Robin will lead a farm tour to the flax field and explain the steps of culturing fiber flax, scutching, retting, breaking and hackling flax for spinning.  You will be able to try it out for yourself.

3pm Sarah and Chris will demonstrate how to make East Indian Flax Chapatis in the outdoor kitchen.  These are amazing unleaven flat breads that are eaten with East Indian curries, or served in place of Mexican Flour Tortillas, or Middle Eastern Pitas.  Recipes available. Samples will be handed out as they are grilled.  Yummy.
Flax Chapatis puffing on the outdoor grill

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