Saturday, August 21, 2010

Joybilee Farm -- Triple Tasking

Lots of farm work is going on this week and I'm too tired for words.  We finished harvesting the two linen beds this week with the help of Masumi and Sasha, our wwoofers.  (pics coming later).

We also finished retting last year's linen harvest.  That was just in time.  This year's will be ready to go through the retting tank (a repurposed bath tub).

Heather's Litter. 
We're also in the middle of the summer angora harvest -- 5 rabbits done so far and 15 more to go.  We'll be rolling in angora fiber before mid September and the Rock Creek Fair.  And no the bunny is not killed to get its fiber.  It sheds just like a cat or dog and we groom it off, while the bunny purrs.

At the same time there is a woad vat and a golden rod pot going on the gas stove in the outdoor dye kitchen, plus a  fleece sitting in alum water, waiting its turn for the yellow pot.

And tomorrow is Sunday!  I love Sundays.  We put the farm work on hold -- except the life and death work like feeding the animals-- and visit our friends at church, worship God in song, listen to words of wisdom from the Bible and relax, read a book, go for a walk.  Its my favorite part of the week. Oh, and on Sunday I get to play my harp as much as I want.


  1. The harp is such a beautiful looking instrument and it sounds even lovelier!
    My goodness you must luv being busy 24/7 :-)
    Your angora is gorgeous...I have already used the 2 oz I bought from you this year. Blended it with cria and silk for a luxurious 2 ply.

  2. Jody, that blend sounds lovely. Did you make something from the yarn? Yes, I love learning to play the harp. I'm learning from a book and some dvds -- no harp teacher nearby. But I learn better that way anyway.