Friday, August 13, 2010

The Boundary Artisan Studio Tour -- This weekend

Harvesting linen by hand pulling
Joybilee Farm will be participating in the Boundary Artisan Studio Tour and the Columbia Basin Culture Tour this weekend.  We are just one of many studios participating in these annual events.

At the farm there will be an indigo dye demonstration as well as harvesting the linen field.  Come on out and play in the dye vats with me.  There will be 5 indigo vats set up (these are the left over vats from our totally awesome indigo/meteor shower party last night).  We don't want to waste a single molecule of this precious natural dye.  These vats will give both paler blue shades and dark indigo blue and the magic transformation of indigo on cloth is a breathtaking.
Lynnette's first indigo dyeingWhat a beautiful scarf, Lynnette.
Indigo Art drying in the sun

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