Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010 Linen Festival at Joybilee Farm

Breaking flax at the Linen Festival.  This lady traveled from Oregon with her family to take in the Linen Festival.
Retted and dried flax ready to break.  This variety is 'Evelin' and is similiar to 'Hermes' in growth and yield.
Randy Cowan from Crop Fibers Canada speaking to the audience.  That's Robin (Joybilee Farm)  in a naturally dyed linen shirt on the right.

33 people attended the 2010 Joybilee Farm Linen Festival -- down from last year but those who attended were keeners.  It was a great day.  Some of our visitors traveled across the country to be here for the day.  

Heritage Doukhobor Linen garments on loan from the Boundary Museum in Grand Forks.  Child's dress, woman's dress and mans burial garments -- trousers and shirt.  The garments of handspun and handwoven linen were of interesting construction.  The trousers were button flied.  The fabric was a broken twill, durable and resists wrinkling.  Handwoven linen yardage was 30 yards per loom full.  That's a lot of very fine spinning.
The day ended with some flax cookery -- Indian Chapatis puffed on the outdoor grill, served hot with butter.  Yum!  Sarah was the chef for this demonstration. 


  1. I was so excited to read that there is a flax festival somewhere! Visited your town several years ago and really loved it. Maybe I can get there for a flax festival another year!

  2. Hi, Sandi
    The 2011 Linen Festival will be on August 6th and will be part of a 2 week Regional Art Festival. We'd love to meet you.