Friday, July 09, 2010

Summer is festival time at Joybilee Farm

Wow, do we have an amazing line up for the summer at Joybilee Farm.  Beginning July 24th with the Indigo/Woad Dye Day which I mentioned in a previous post, we move into the 3rd Annual Linen Festival on August 7th.  This year there will be places to set up your RV -- rustic but available -- if you want to spend the weekend.  If campfires are permitted we'll have a communal camp fire on Friday night, with the festival happening all day Saturday with a spinning circle, demonstrations related to linen and flax, and lots of hands on fiber fun.  Winding down around 5pm.  Then spend the night camping and clear out on Sunday morning.

If you are an artisan and want to set up a market stall for the artisan market during the Saturday Linen Festival, contact me right away, so that I can reserve your space.  

Lots of things have happened in the Canadian flax industry this year and we hope to find out more during the linen festival.  Some provocative research is happening at the University of Saskatchewan, in the Dept. of Agriculture and Bioresource Engineering, where researcher Satya Panagrahi is investigating the feasibility of blending alpaca fibre with linen or hemp fiber to make a stronger, less costly alternative to 100% alpaca.   I wonder if they are addressing the problem of alpaca fiber migrating out of spun yarn, or its lack of resilience and memory. Oil seed flax fiber would seem to be more appropriate than linen flax fiber, because its short and would be easier to blend -- although chopping the linen would also make it easier -- loosing the wonderful strength of long line linen, but perhaps making it easier to process by machine.  These are my conjectures while I wait to hear the outcome of this research.

Then the following Saturday and Sunday join us for the Boundary Artisan Studio Tour/Columbia Basin Culture Tour.  I'm still working on the brochure for the studio tour but it will be at the tourist centre soon.  Once its done I'll post a link so you can download your own copy.

Update:  Here's the link to download a copy of the Boundary Artisan Studio Tour map/brochure.  Grab the map and go -- experience the inspiration and creativity abounding in the boundary.

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