Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Picture Perfect Day

On Saturday 8 members of the Langley Camera Club visited Joybilee Farm as part of their annual camping excursion.  They began with a farm tour explaining how we live in harmony with the environment and the things we do on the farm to steward the land.  They learned about raising sheep and goats holistically, as well as natural dyes and linen culture.  And the cameras began to click...

Viewing our farm through the eyes of 8 photographers was an exceptional opportunity.  We noticed that its very difficult to get a picture of the front side of a sheep or goat, especially to catch them looking up at the camera, and not squatting to pee.  The club members were very encouraging and found exciting things to photograph in everything that we do, seeing linen in the flax break -- through the reflection in a pair of sunglasses, letting the goats and sheep out for their daily forage time. 

Pictures are promised and we all had a great day.  I heard a rumour that they were still talking about their visit to Joybilee Farm 2 days later.

And while they were here, the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association sent two photographers to take video and pictures of the farm -- the silk coming out of an indigo vat -- magically changing from pale green to dark blue before the lens, the mass exodus from the paddock to go forage, and of course, llama kisses.  It was a very good day.

I'll post pictures later in the week so check back.  Today we are harvesting St. Johns Wort and Yarrow for herbal tinctures.

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