Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Joybilee Farm on Facebook

You can now find Joybilee Farm on Facebook.  "Like" Joybilee Farm on Facebook and receive notification of our upcoming on farm events, special Facebook only offers, and invitations.

The next four weeks are special event days every Saturday.  Be sure to plan a visit to the farm into your itinerary this summer and take advantage of the fun, educational and creative days in the works.

This Saturday, July 24 is our annual Indigo/Woad Dye Day.  Dye vats at the ready.  A resist table with clamps, bands, string and buttons to create your own shibori or tie dyed work of art in natural indigo.  This is always a great opportunity to create special gifts, birthday presents, christmas gifts or even wall art -- without having to deal with the messy clean up afterward.  Allow at least 30 minutes per silk scarf or up to 2 hours for a really deep blue.  But you can do 10 scarves in the same time that it takes to dye 2.  So come and experience the magic of the indigo vat -- the transformation of fabric from white, to yellow-green to deep blue right before your eyes.

For more upcoming events, invitations and special offers sign up on our Facebook page.

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