Monday, July 26, 2010

Joybilee Farm Indigo/Woad Day - another successful day

The Indigo/Woad Day last Saturday at Joybilee Farm was a success.  33 people came to play in the dye vats.  Some brought their own fabric or wool fiber or tee-shirts from the thrift store to dye in the vats.  These purchased pre-prepared dye vats to use, which were recharged as necessary during the day to give them dark blues.  Others purchased dye blanks -- silk scarves, cotton fat quarters or yardage to dye and used the communal vats, which were also kept charged throughout the day.

Those who were too shy to jump right in and dye some fabric, wished they had.  It was more fun to play in the vats than just watch others playing.  So we now have a private indigo party booked in a week or two.

Joybilee Farm is open to private workshops and Indigo parties but they must be booked in advance.  See our website for details.

Extracting Indigo from Fresh Woad Leaves
All ages were present from 4 to 70.  The magic of indigo dissolves barriers and even those with little or no crafting experience had joy and success when playing with the vats.

Sarah and Laura with their indigo art

Tiffany with her T shirt

Lynnette with her silk charmeuse scarf

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  1. So much fun to read so sad to have missed it. Very blue (wanting to be)....Connie