Friday, July 16, 2010

Herbal First Aid Balm, in a smaller size

People have been asking for our Joybilee Farm Hemp Rescue Remedy in a smaller package.  Our glass packaging supplier was able to source a smaller 2.5 oz. jar for us, so today I will be making up a batch of Joybilee Farm Hemp Rescue Remedy for the smaller packaging.  Price for this smaller size will be $19 (the 4oz. size is $28)

Hemp Rescue Remedy contains skin healing herbs, organically grown at Joybilee Farm, Calendula, St. John's Wort, and Wild Rose, plus anti inflammatory Balm of Gilead, and healing Comfrey.  With the anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral herbs Lavender and St. Johns Wort.  And preserved with natural vitamin E.  We use it for minor cuts and bruises, burns, psoriasis, eczema, muscle aches and strains, as well as arthritis and inflamation of joints and tissues.  Its especially helpful for sunburn and insect bites at this time of year.

What is doesn't contain:  There are no petroleum bi-products, no sodium laurel sulfate, artificial preservatives, colours or fillers.  No GM ingredients.

Since each of these herbs is harvested and infused in oil at a specific season, this will be the last batch of Joybilee Farm Hemp Rescue Remedy that I can craft this season.  The Balm of Gilead is harvested in March.  Wild Rose and Comfrey in June, St. Johns Wort in July and Calendula in September. Each of these has a synergistic effect to increase the healing value within the ointment.

Our customers report that the Hemp Rescue Remedy helps for conditions where alleopathic medicine has failed them.  One diabetic customer had an injury in his knee that wasn't healing after a year and severely limited his ability to exercise.  His doctor had given up hope of it healing.  3 days after using Hemp Rescue Remedy the swelling had decreased 90% and he was able to once again swim and bicycle which decreased his blood sugar, improving his overall health.  My daughter used it to alleviate a severe sunburn, applying it relieved the pain immediately and began the healing of her skin so that she didn't peel. Others have used it for arthritis relief and for eczema.  Its even safe for baby's diaper rash.

Herbs heal by enhancing the natural healing processes of your body.  Its important that the whole herb be used and not an extraction of some supposed "active" ingredient.  Herbs don't just treat symptoms but work to increase the natural healing capacity of your body. 

Some of our customers say we should patent our recipe but we feel that these healing herbs are God's free gift to mankind out of his loving kindness and tender mercy.  So I encourage you to craft your own healing balms from God's Good Gifts.  But if you don't have access to the herbs or can't take the time to do it yourself, try the Joybilee Farm Hemp Rescue Remedy.

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