Friday, June 04, 2010

Update on GMO free feed mix

We are trying our own feed mix from the Sure Crop mill near us.  We designed it ourselves and so it is still experimental but it is without Canola, Soy, Cotton or Corn so most likely will be GMO free.  We found that even buying certified organic feed would not guarantee us that the mix was GMO free due to crop contamination with GMO crops during growth. 

Here's what we've come up with:
Whole Oats 23%
Whole Barley 23%
Whole Wheat 23%
Split Peas 18%

To this we will add separately at the farm:
15% whole or freshly ground flax seed (for both oil content and protein) 

This feed mix is around 15% useable protein so not as high as we were hoping for, but all animals also receive an alfalfa/grass mix hay and right now they are on free range.  We will try to tweek this feed over the summer so that it has a higher protein total for winter feeding.

Ruminants and poultry can handle whole flax seed as their bodies are able to digest it.  Rabbits, and dogs will need the flax ground to digest it.  However, ground flax spoils rapidly after grinding.  We will grind it daily as needed -- a bit of extra work, but the extra nutrition that flax offers will be the benefit. 

Let me know if you are going GMO free with  your livestock and how you are meeting their nutritional needs without soy, corn, canola or cotton. 

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