Saturday, June 12, 2010

More on GMO free feed

We took delivery of our first load of Joybilee Farm feed mix.  It came in at min. 13% protein in the feed analysis, so not as high as we would like.   We were warned that adding dried peas to the mix would make the feed bitter and unpalatable to the livestock so we added only 20% peas.

However, in the whole or split form, the peas are sweet -- not bitter.  Our goats and sheep really like the GMO free feed.  In fact our milking does liked it better than the sweet dairy feed that they are used to.  We will try it again with a higher % of peas in the next run.

Two other farms are interested in the mix, for poultry and for pigs.  So that should increase the feed mills interest in serving this niche market.

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