Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Indigo Dye Day July 24 at Joybilee Farm

On July 24th at 10am Joybilee Farm opens for our 4th Annual Indigo/Woad Dye Day.  Some specific information about the Indigo/Woad Dye Day on July 24.

The farm is open from 10am to 5pm.

It is a drop in hands on demonstration.  People can purchase, for a nominal fee, quilting cotton or silk scarves ready to dye.  There are tables set up with different resist implements (pipes, string, clamps, bands, buttons, rocks, etc.  Each person takes their fabric and applies different techniques to fold, twist and clamp their fabric.  Then the fabric goes into the indigo vat.

To lay on a permanent colour the fabric must be alternately immersed and aired several times.  Each time takes 15 minutes.  Visitors should plan on allowing at least one or two hours at the farm to enjoy the full benefit of the indigo vat.  The darker the colour the more the piece needs to be vatted and then oxidized.  At the end of the day they will have witnessed the magic transformation of the indigo dyed fabric as it oxidizes from green to dark blue.  They will have created a beautiful textile – either for quilting, framing or to wear.

There is no admission charge to visit the farm on that day.  Farm Tours are available for $5 per person and a tour of the natural dye garden is included and further demonstrations of linen culture and processing.

For those with some experience in shibori or tie dye techniques, people are welcome to bring their own prepared fabric or yarn to the farm. Prepared vats can be purchased for $20 each, and can be shared by a group of friends. Each vat will dye 1 lb. of cotton or linen fabric or 1 kg. of wool or mohair to a med to dark blue. Indigo dyeing is contagious and people often start to pull off their clothing to dye in the vat.It good to have something to change into should the urge strike.

New this year:  Sarah will be demonstrating the extraction of natural indigo from fresh woad leaves -- an art that is almost lost in the post modern era.  For more information visit Sarah's website.http://www.woad.ca

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  1. nice work on the site Sarah. Have a great event!