Sunday, May 09, 2010

New babies and answered prayer

Yesterday 3 lambs were born to three moms.  That was after we let the flock out on pasture for the day.  One of the ewes had her lamb in the middle of the afternoon in the shelter of a grove of pine trees.  It was snowing and windy when the lamb was born.  We led the ewe up to the house by holding the lamb down where she could see it and leading it.  That lamb got under a heat lamb in the barn and stopped shivering.  She's fine now.

Then after we brought the flock of sheep up to the house for bed -- we noticed that one of the ewes was missing.  We prayed and asked God to show us where on this 140 acres of forested land the ewe was hiding.  And then we fanned out and called "Sheeeeepy".  We were almost ready to give up, with the three of us walking down one of the trails on our property, not hearing a sound of sheep or seeing anything, when Sarah spotted the ewe right beside us in a group of trees, with a new lamb.  We managed to lead her up the hill to the house before dark, with her new ewe lamb.  She was a black sheep with a black lamb so if it had been another 5 minutes it would have been too dark to see her.

We've had 3 lambs and 4 goats born since Thursday.  This is a good season.  All the babies have been strong and healthy.  God is good to us.

By the way, I am puzzling why people pray to the "Universe" when they could pray to "the One who created the Universe".  I've heard the expression, "I asked the Universe" three or four times this week.  It seems like its settling for second best, when the best is within reach.

Happy Mothers Day, my friends.


  1. Lovely report to think upon! Wow! the moments before you discovered the dark little darling... Father indeed would have it no other way... how perfectly He lead you in what concerned you. Can you tell me more about this black lamb, breed? will its fleece be available for sale in time? I understand if you are going to use it, I work with fiber, and right now I don't have a natural black and I am creating some heathered tweeds and thought to ask... black deepens my colors as I blend them. Oh the joy of homegrown fiber... thanks for sharing this story from your heart.

  2. Hi, Christine
    Thanks for the nice comment about my story. We have rambouillet and romney crosses. I do have some black fleece from our April shearing. The lamb fleeces (first shearing) are about 5 inches long. They are well skirted and the neck has been removed due to vm contamination so what is left is the best part of the fleece only.

    You can see more information on the Joybilee Farm website


  3. Chris,
    You say: I have some black fleece from our April shearing. The lamb fleeces (first shearing) are about 5 inches long.
    How many?
    How much?
    What is shipping to USA 49625?
    I went to the site but only say 2009 Fall- did I overlook anything?

  4. Hi, Christine
    No you haven't overlooked anything. The fleece are waiting to be put up on the website, which I hope to do next week,when my female wwoofer arrives to help.

    They will be $10 per lb. for a full fleece (usually 4 lbs. after skirting). My fall coloured lamb fleeces were bought, in total, by one person. That's why there isn't any on the site.

    You can contact me through my email or through the website link. Otherwise, once I get them sorted, and priced I'll post it on the blog.

    Thanks for your interest. I really appreciate your encouraging comments on the blog.