Friday, May 07, 2010

More septic saga

The septic saga continues:  The field is now dug up completely and the drain pipes have been removed.  We had 20 yards of drain rock brought in this week, over 300 feet of new drain pipe, landscape fabric rolls and a backhoe.  We're over a thousand dollars now and still climbing.

This is the view from the studio door.

This is Cedric digging up the old pipe.  Cedric is a very nice guy from Quebec.  He's a really interesting person with a great sense of humour and he's a hard worker.  He's romantic and is looking for a girlfriend.  (Cedric told me to write that.) Chris est timide d'avouer son opinion qu'elle a sur moi, tout ce qu'elle a ecrit precedemment vient directement d'elle meme, ps: J'aime ma maman.

Oh, and we opened to the public last Saturday.   So far we've had two visitors in the midst of construction. 


  1. Don't you just love that in spite of the chaos you still need to greet customers? Hope you get lots of paying customers to help pay for the work!

  2. Hi, Laura
    Paying customers? That's a novel idea!

    The backhoe came back this afternoon and dug up more of the field. It looks like a construction zone now. But the bright side is that it was essential work. The field was a failure waiting to happen.

    And the backhoe will level the ground to the studio to make it more wheel chair friendly. I may even get an outdoor dye shelter for workshops and an outdoor public washroom -- with a flush toilet--before the work is finished.

    But yes, the expense wasn't budgeted for -- especially after 6 months with the studio closed to the public.