Friday, May 07, 2010

At the end of the day

Here's the view from the studio at 5pm Friday -- Closing time.  Robin is on the left by the backhoe.  Our neighbor Gavin, who owns the backhoe, is on the right.  So far there is one ditch with new drainrock and a new 60 ft. pipe done -- 2 more to do.  Our system is completely nonfunctioning right now as the water is overflowed into a temporary cesspool.  It gives the phrase "Grand Opening" a different connotation.

While Gavin is working on the drain field he plans to level out the ground from the studio to the drain field, take down some of those trees and make the ground ready to build a new outdoor dye kitchen and workshop space -- with a wood stove to heat the shelter and cook the dye.. 

Along the way there will also be a new outdoor public washroom with a flush toilet.  Since the field is wide open, they'll be able to plumb the toilet right into the septic lines.  So there is a silver lining in this stormy cloud of septic repairs.

Good night and peace to you and yours.

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  1. Sometimes they are really hard to locate but...
    hope that the rest of the job goes well.