Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More about Ajraks and Natural Dyes

Jenny Dean posted a detailed description of how Ajraks are created on her blog today.  Well worth the look, especially of the beautiful double sided Ajraks in her own private collection. 

Jenny Dean is the author of "Wild Colour" -- a great resource for natural dyers, and newly re-released.

In my own studio, I have a vat of madder on the wood stove, gently warming.  Madder changes from reds to browns if it is overheated.  It seems to need a long time to adhere to the yarn.  I have a bag of the madder in the pot, and the yarn beside it.  This is day number four and the yarn is a dark, pumpkin orange.  Each morning I warm the pot and then let it sit off of the heat.  I squeeze the madder bag every time I walk past the vat and the yarn absorbs the madder an hour later.

My other job for the day is to get the fiberarts studio ready for the opening on May 1st.   The inside studio looks great but the outside needs some work.

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