Monday, March 01, 2010

Why we won't be at the Show....

Many of you have asked that Joybilee Farm attend several of the Fiber Festivals happening in B.C. and Alberta in the Spring and Fall, to make our rovings, angora, and dyed kid locks easier to buy. Well, we had to make a choice.

We could be good shepherds to our flock of angora goats and wool breed sheep and take care of them or we could go to the show--leaving the farm for 3 days with care givers, who don't know the animals. To be at the show means that we would be carrying Ashland Bay fibers, Ashford and Louet equipment and Fibers to be competitive. Problem is that that's what all the vendors at those shows carry -- internationally available, generic, threads and fibers.

In order to be unique, we need to focus on the things we do best -- long lustre wool fleece, exquisite coloured mohair, naturally dyed rovings and locks. But this takes time at the farm.

So we are not going to be at Fibres West this month. Or at any of the other fiber festivals coming up -- we'll be getting the farm ready for our summer visitors and preparing the fleece for you.

We will, however, be in Vernon at the end of March for the Annual Kalamalka Guild Spin In. But we'll be home that night to take care of the herd.

All our products are available by mail order through our website. So if you missed us at the Fiberfestival you can catch us on the web.

Or call ahead and stop by for a visit on your way past. If the sign says closed we can be open for you with a phone call. Opening for the season May 1st. Tues to Sat. 10am to 5pm.

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