Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Natural Dye discovery in India last Fall

A 15 volume journal of natural dyes in India by Thomas Wardle was discovered in India last Fall in a back corner of an office belonging to the Botanical Survey of India in Kolkata. Although the pages of this compendium are faded and crumbling the textile samples of natural dyes are still vibrant and bright.

This amazing discovery has set the natural dye world a buzz and caused the moving of an international dye conference from Paris to Kolkata in February, where the international experts on Natural Dyes -- Jenny Balfour-Paul, Dominique Cardon and Brenda King -- could view this amazing find.

The volumes contain not just dye samples but the recipes used to obtain the amazing colours and will be a treasure trove of natural dye history for many of the weavers and dyers still making their livelihood from their crafts in India. A feast of knowledge for the natural dye revival taking place around the world today.

Here's a link to the Times India article.

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  1. Can you give me more info of where in India? Because I am going to visit there in a couple of weeks.