Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Raining in January

Yes, its true. Its actually raining this week in the mountains. Well, I can see the snow line from my kitchen window and there is snow all over the ground, with a very slick, icy smooth surface. The driveway is a slick, thick ice rink -- all down hill -- or up hill, depending on your perspective.
(Its ideal avalanche creating conditions. Be careful in the back country this winter!)

Not my idea of the best weather for the last day of this trip around the sun.

Tomorrow is a workshop on Cultural Tourism in Grand Forks that we are attending. Its part of a group of workshops that Community Futures Boundary has put on since the Forestry industry collapsed in the area two years ago. The mill has been back up and running since November but the community is still feeling the depression. Anyway, the workshop is all day and not my idea of the best way to spend my birthday -- especially having to drive over the summit in the rain/ice/slush/snow/fog to get there and then home again after dark.

Sometimes I'd just like to sit by the fire and spin or knit -- drink tea and listen to an audio book, with a pot of soup simmering on the wood stove and bread smells coming from the wood oven. And everybody happy -- no fighting, no arguing with the teenagers for a whole day. That would be my ideal birthday -- but it aint gonna happen so I'll suck it up and be happy with the day that is given to me. You see, I'm planning ahead.

And on Thursday its back to work -- I'm planning a complete overhaul of the website -- removing products that we don't want to make anymore, adding the new products, updating the links and contact information -- maybe even a fresh look. And I have two custom orders to finish in the next week.

Then on to working through the back log of mohair, angora and wool fleeces in our mill...plucking angora bunnies...and warping the looms -- one for mohair throws and the other for origami bags. Then on to the rugs, while Robin does the year end financial reports and inventory and then starts to make soap for the new season.

Spring doesn't come until May this year with our first lambs and kids due at the beginning of the month -- quite a bit later than usual. But at least the grass will be ready for the nursing mothers.


  1. WOW...when do you have time for yourself? I thought I had alot on my TO Do list:) One thing that is always on my list is SPIN!!

  2. It doesn't all get done in one day, thankfully. That's the Spring list. ;^). Yup, spinning is good. I'm finishing up a sweater for me, right now, so not much spinning time. But once the knitting is done, then I'll be spinning for a sweater for my dd.


  3. I recieved my order yesterday already!
    Lots of washing to do and I am opening the locks before washing too.
    My favourite is the caramel coloured fleece.
    Thanks again.

  4. Good to know that the fleece arrived safe and sound. I hope you enjoy working with it.

    And I finished my sweater on my birthday -- so now its back to custom orders and spinning once again.