Sunday, December 13, 2009

Water, water every where

No water. The cold froze the gravity fed water system on the mountain side. Robin went up in the dark, with a wind up flash light and the 4 dogs and broke the ice and channelled the water into the water box. And the house system gradually filled again.

That was 4 days ago. Then the pipe in the stock water covered over with ice and Robin broke the ice and inadvertently broke the pipe as well. Water gushed forth at the lowest point in our gravity fed system. The house emptied of water and water.

Then Gavin, our neighbor, came over and helped Robin repair the pipe, replace the faucet and attach a new output pipe. About an hour later the output pipe blew off from the built up pressure and again the house emptied of water, while water gushed forth in the pasture, uncontrolled.

Last night, in the dark, lit by the headlits of the borrowed Honda Fit, Robin again repaired the pipe, a little tighter this time. After about an hour the house again had water pressure and water flowing in the taps.

And today we have water -- reliable, flowing water. Amazing how precious water, in control, is and how frustrating and damaging when it is out of control.

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