Sunday, December 20, 2009

Handmade gifts

The last custom orders were delivered on Thursday. A bit later than usual this year, but then there were a few more than usual.

So Friday we started making our Christmas gifts for our family. Yes, I know, that is really, really late. And some of them I had started earlier and had them all finished before now -- especially the handwoven ones. But I don't have gifts for Robin, Sarah or a few others yet.

We have a family tradition of giving hand made gifts to those who value them, among our family members. No made in China under the tree from me.

Living in the country has made this tradition a necessity. I haven't been shopping since September except to the grocery store. And I wasn't thinking in September that I should be doing Christmas shopping.

And then a trip to Kelowna to shop means a 6 hour drive at this time of year. There's a lot one can create in 6 hours at home.

So with only 6 sleeps till Christmas, what can a person do? Well, I nuno felted a shawl in the new Ashford merino and silk rovings in Christmas red (pomegranate) and green (peppercorn) for my sister in law -- time 3 hours. Robin knit some sock machine socks for his brother (4 hrs) and we made up a diabetic foot care kit -- wool/mohair socks, toe nail clippers, and Joybilee Farm peppermint foot cream.

Then I found a knitting pattern that can be knit in 2 hours and finished in 1 hour. Very cute felted slippers that use worsted weight wool -- I have lots of this. I downloaded the French Press Slippers pattern on Ravelry and I've finished two pair since Friday morning. One is for me. One is a secret. And Sarah wants a pair under the tree, so I'll get that one done today.

Our friends Connie and Dave have the handmade gift giving down to a science. They make the same gift for all their family members -- production knitting or weaving. With a new idea every year -- usually their own design. I haven't mastered that one yet, but it seems like a good plan for next year. Our family has expanded by two new members -- so streamlining the gift making may be a good idea.

I will so enjoy this week -- The tree went up last Sunday. The shortbread was baked by Sarah yesterday. The gifts are being delivered in Abbotsford and Vancouver today. And I get to spin, knit and weave all week, for my own family. How good is that!

Merry Christmas! and Happy Hogmany!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you too:)
    I sent an email to find out if you have any coloured kid mohair for sale. I know it's a very busy time for you right now but I can call and pay with Visa, maybe you could ship it after the holidays if you have time?