Sunday, November 01, 2009


Here it is Sunday morning -- November 1st. I am very behind on production work. Life has been getting in the way of my plans. It seems that how ever long I think something will take its actual time is multiplied by the next unit. So if I think something will take 1 hour it will actually take 1 day -- 1 day jobs take 1 week -- etc. This is a rule of homesteading. This is also my excuse for all the things on my to do list that are far from being completed.

The loom is languishing as we try to stay warm, cook our food and take care of the needs of the animals. I have a car on loan from a friend and managed, on friday, to get to the post office for the first time in a week -- mail a parcel, pick up mail, and retrieve my consignment yarn from the local knitting store, before they closed for the winter.

Yesterday was maintenance all day -- going through Sarah's clothes closet and discarding the things that she isn't wearing, are the wrong colour, or no longer fit. Making chili for today's gathering, and extra for a family in need of meals while the mother gestates twins and throws up. (Poor woman). Searching for an hour, at sunset, across 140 acres, for a "lost" elderly goat, who was in the barn all the time. Baking cinnamin buns and making chevre (soft goat cheese) for our breakfast today. This was my day. But no production work. The Christmas faires are just 3 weeks away.

Robin is still in Vancouver. His brother, John, was transferred back to VGH, from GF Strong (rehab centre) on Friday with a bladder and chest infection. He is sitting in emergency because there are no ventilator beds available at Vancouver General. He has no call button that he can use so a family member needs to be with him constantly. Robin spent the night with John to be his call button should he need help, so that Laverne, John's wife, could sleep.

I did get the Peppermint Foot Cream completed. But I have so much more to do before the first show in Oliver. Plus there are ads to write for the Boundary Artisan Christmas Faire and a meeting next week. And cleaning out the barn, plucking rabbits, doing the custom orders for socks and baby hats.

One day at a time -- one job at a time. It may not all get done but I hope the most important things are done on time.

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  1. Amazing how missing one pair of hands impacts so heavily on the schedule. :( Hope Robin's brother recovers quickly and that Robin will soon be home again.