Monday, November 02, 2009

My clutter problem

Robin is returning home today with a Honda Fit, borrowed from brother John and Laverne. We may buy it from them if it feels right to Robin, after driving it home. I'm looking forward to seeing my husband again, after an almost week long separation. After 27 years of marriage this is a good thing, no?

I am slowly working away at conquering the clutter -- I was able to work on it only partially last week as much time was spent doing 'chores', cooking and laundry. I hope to tackle the herbs that are still hanging around the house, well dry now, from the summer's harvest. Then a major clean up before bed.

You wouldn't believe, looking at my house, that I work from 6am till almost midnight, every day. But its true. In fact, every day it takes almost an hour just to clean up the stuff my family members dropped around the house, the day before. I would get more production work done if my family members were more considerate of where they drop their loads and clothing. Plus my husband and daughter have pack rat syndrome, in a moderate way. I can't change them and they refuse to be "trained" so I must work at the clutter on my own, one area at a time. The draw back is a lack of inventory for the upcoming Christmas Faires -- so be it -- we aint gonna starve with all the food I've put by this harvest season.

Company is coming for dinner on Wednesday. The clutter is one reason I so rarely invite people over for dinner. I feel terribly guilty about it and fear the judgment of my guests. But then I think, are they coming to eat and visit or to admire my house? Running a business and homeschooling, out of your living space are somethings I haven't mastered. Tips anyone?

One of our wwoofers suggested that I change one thing and that the rest of the house would fall into place. I removed a long table from the entrance hall, that was being piled high with stuff as fast as I could clear it. I replaced it with a smaller table, applied a linen table cloth and some pretty baskets to hold a small amount of stuff. But it overflows as well. It stays clear for only as long as it takes someone to walk through the door. Ditto for kitchen counter, dining room tables, school desks, dresser tops, couches, loom benches, and coffee tables. Even floor spaces are beginning to be encroached upon. Any tidy, cleared surface is a magnet for clutter.

Have we always lived like this? No. When Robin was teaching I was able on a daily basis to clean up the clutter so that the house looked organized -- even with toddlers and homeschooling. But that house had closets and cupboards in every room, whereas this log house doesn't. And in that house we weren't running a homebased business or raising 100 sheep and goats, who need to have their fleeces stored.

So I will continue to tackle this clutter a bit every day. If you prefer a tidy house to a warm, friendly visit and home grown food, don't come to my house for tea, you will be disappointed. ;^)


  1. Hi Chris,

    I, too, battle the piles of clutter syndrom - and I'm not home schooling! You would sympathize with my lr right now - piled high with boxes from the craft fair. With only 3 days between fairs, it wasn't worth carrying everything down the stairs to the studio (where there's no room for them anyway!) so the heap is in my lr. :(

    So long as we try to live and run a business in our homes, our homes will look cluttered. It's a fact of life, but I also struggle to contain the clutter.....

    Glad Robin is coming home and that the car is a good Fit (sorry about the pun!!!!) :^)


  2. Hi, Laura
    Good pun! Life should have more puns to keep us smiling.