Friday, October 23, 2009

Rain impedes my progress

The mohair fleeces are waiting to be skirted a second time, weighed and priced. My skirting table is set up outside the studio door. It is raining and has been for a week or more. The weather is impinging on my "To Do" list.

The shearer is coming back sometime in the next two weeks -- I don't know when -- to shear the lambs. We ran out of time at the beginning of the month and didn't get the 20 lambs and sheep done. Its now about 8 weeks past the time I wanted them sheared. And its raining. They are wet.

Snow will be here soon, possibly within the next two weeks.

The rain is also inhibiting the gathering of fire wood, the cleaning out of the barn and the putting to bed of the garden for the winter.

But the loom is looming. And the clutter in the house is asking for attention. So I will have to shift my priorities today.

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