Thursday, October 29, 2009

My day --

The car cannot be fixed so Robin is shopping for a car. Christopher (eldest son) and Robin will be going to the car dealers this afternoon and test driving Toyotas and Hondas. He has a line on a few used corollas, too.

And hopefully he'll get back to GF Strong to visit John again, today. He planned to visit all day for a few days but it is not to be. I hope he can get in for two or three hours each day he is in Vancouver, though.

In the meantime we are battened down on the farm. There is new snow on the ground and the hoses from summer waterings are still lying there, now frosted. So there is some "ground work" to be done today, gathering up the gardening tools and hoses and putting them away for winter. It will mean several trips up the hill from garden to house as we have no car to help with the job. Too bad we didn't do it last week, in the rain, with the car.

Yesterday, at 11pm, I made a new batch of peppermint foot cream and used our new glass jars for the first time. They hold more foot cream but look much like the PET plastic jars. They are glass so kinder to the environment, and without the risk of leaking chemicals and hormones into our product -- so kinder to humans, too.

I didn't get to the felting of the spa bars or the felted balls. Hopefully today I will get some felting done. I am past half way on the first woven origami bag but too busy to get to the loom today.

I also weighed the 10 lamb fleeces that we sheared on Monday. Package two boxes of fleece to go to the post office. And spent an inordinate amount of time on the telephone. It seemed to be ringing all day.

Today I will label and seal the Peppermint foot cream jars, continue to attack the clutter in the house (I'm giving one hour a day to the mammoth job), do barn chores, and hopefully get some felting done for the Christmas Craft Fairs. Also I hope to have the lamb fleeces measured and up on the website today.

That's the plan. The first task though is to light the wood stove, which is reluctant this morning and get the daughter out of bed, without waking "grumpy", too.

Have a good day.


  1. We awoke to a blanket of snow, too. Winter stayed late this spring and appears to be arriving early. :)

    Good luck with your to-do list and finding a new vehicle.


  2. Thanks, Laura. The day is half gone and it took till 1pm to do the outside chores. Now I'm sealing peppermint foot cream. I'm so grateful for the cheerful warmth of the wood stove, as the day is drippy dismal.
    Sarah is outside making a gravelly snowman in the driveway snow. I will make her a cup of hot chocolate to cheer her on. School is on hold today.