Friday, October 02, 2009

Indigo Dye Workshop

I'm getting ready for another Indigo Dye Workshop tomorrow. 19 quilters are coming to learn to dye with natural indigo, from the Sunshine Quilters Guild in Grand Forks, B.C. Each quilter will dye 2 to 4 fat quarters (quilters talk for a 22 x 18 rectangle of cotton) and some will also dye a 2o x 60 silk scarf. I will set up two tables with resist implements -- elastic bands, clothes pegs, buttons, nails, thread, twine, and PVC pipe. Each person will fold or tie their cloth and then immerse 4 to 6 times in the natural indigo vat.

It is delightfully fun as each square of cotton or silk scarf comes out differently. I will need to make up 4 dye vats and have several bottles of prepared indigo ready to replenish the vats. We'll have 4 work stations set up so there will be room for everyone.

We'll be doing the workshop in the outdoor dye kitchen, to keep the aromatic fumes out of the house. And its supposed to snow so we'll have chairs and tables indoors for comfort.

Then Saturday and Sunday we are shearing the angora goats. Its raining today and they are dry in the barns -- 50 goats in all -- 15 of them coloured angoras. I am so looking forward to fondling our coloured mohair this year. Some of our yearling fleece is amazing. I hope I'll be able to take pictures before the hair cut happens. The sheep will miss their hair cut because our barn wasn't big enough to keep both sheep and goats dry, indoors and in comfort for 3 days. But maybe we'll get to them later.

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