Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving Sunday in Canada. We are so blessed and thankful for so many good things that God's hand has provided.

Our garden produced very well this year. The killing frost, that usually comes in August was held back until the 3rd week of September. That meant that our potatoes just kept growing and we actually harvested 200 lbs. of potatoes this year.

Our garlic harvest was also glorious and we will not have to buy any this year -- I braided up 10 braids of a dozen garlic heads each, plus planted another 5 dozen heads of garlic for next year's harvest. That's at least double the yield over last year.

This morning was -16C and the last of the chinese cabbage and chard was harvested just 2 days ago. The woad is still in the garden and seems unharmed by the frost so we will try to get a few more dye vats of woad before the snow comes.

It does feel as if snow is on its way.

So many friends have shared their garden abundance with us this year -- squash, tomatoes, peppers, beans, apples, pears, plums -- even zucchini -- all things that we can't grow here on the mountain -- and we are so grateful and thankful for the generosity of our friends.

And this year we actually have abundance to share as well -- composted manure, soap, garlic, seeds, goat cheese, eggs.

Our barns are full to overflowing and we didn't lose a lamb or kid to predators all grazing season.

And especially, we are thankful for family -- a new daughter in law, 3 families where only one existed a few years ago -- as our sons have found their loving companions. For a brother at VGH, who is alive and in good hands as he recovers from his neck injury. God's kind providence at work in our lives.

And I am thankful for the pair of bluebirds and the swallows that are still over the pastures at Joybilee Farm.

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