Wednesday, October 07, 2009

French Angora Rabbits

We have two angora rabbit litters ready to go to new homes this month.

Born July 23rd to Huckleberry (fawn) and Topaz (Lilac Torte), this 10 week old litter includes Lilac Tortes (1 female, 2 males) and REW (male and female). The REWs (albinos) will be carrying lilac, black, and agouti genes. Litter size 6.

Born August 21st (6 weeks old) to Hematite (black) and Ruby (REW), this litter has REW (2 males, 1 female), a chocolate torte female, a blue male and 2 broken females (blue and chocolate torte). The two broken females will be staying at Joybilee Farm. Litter size 8 babies (10 were born).
The REWs in this litter may be carrying the broken gene, chocolate and black and blue genetics.

See my blog for more information on Angora Rabbit genetics.

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