Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dead car

The faithful, never had a problem before, 16 year old Toyota Corolla has died. Leaving Robin at the side of the TransCanada Hwy. in Langley, after delivering 3 French Angora Rabbits to their new owner last night. The bad news is its the engine and it needs to be replaced -- $1,500 or there abouts. And it won't be fixed until Monday, if an engine can be found.

So Robin is at Maiwa on Vancouver Island shopping for my natural indigo, while the mechanic takes care of things. At noon he will be at BF Strong Rehab in Vancouver visiting his big brother John for a few hours. Then we will find out whether the car can be fixed. And he will have to figure out where he can crash until the car is fixed. (excuse the pun!)

My friend, Jan, sent this poem to encourage me this morning...

"How good is the God we adore, Our faithful, unchangeable Friend
Whose love is as great as His power, And knows neither measure nor end.
Tis Jesus the First and the Last, Whose Spirit will guide us safe home
We'll praise Him for all that is past, And trust Him for all that's to come."

I'm sure that I will look back on today and see how the hand of God worked it all out for my good, but right now its a bit stressful. But its not raining. The mucky ground is frozen so its not difficult to do chores. And we have everything we need for the next 5 days at home.

We just can't get off the farm.


  1. Well, at least it died *after* the bunnies were delivered! And not 50 miles from the nearest garage. But not a nice thing to have to deal with. Hope that it can be fixed and that Robin will be home shortly. Maybe someone from the church can deliver essentials....


  2. Thanks for your kind comments. The verdict is the car will cost $2,600 to fix and the 450,000 km. on old faithful means she's not worth fixing. So Robin is car shopping tonight.

    And yes, it died after the bunnies were delivered. About 10 minutes later, in fact. So glad it happened in the city and not enroute through the wilderness.

    Hopefully he will find something in the next two days to replace Old Faithful. But we are fine at home without a car right now. We have all our essentials. And the post office deliveries will have to wait a few days.