Wednesday, September 09, 2009


We said goodbye to Beth, our wwoofer from California, this morning. I made a large pot of borcht, destined for the pressure canner in the morning. While the borcht was simmering, I finally had a chance to sit and spin for a longer time than just a few minutes. A 250gram skein of linen -- one strand of burgundy and one strand of natural beige, plied together -- is waiting for the boiling water bath to soften and set it. I think it will be tea towels.

Another two ply skein of grey and natural is in process of plying.

I am enjoying spinning our linen harvest this year. I want to get a few skeins spun and plied for the natural dye bath before the woad is lost to frost. I envision a set of tea towels with natural beige, golden rod yellow and woad indigo blue but first I have to spin the linen into skeins.

I'm not sure that you can dye linen in the fiber stage. It seems that that would mess up all the careful work of hackling the line, if you did.

Sorry I haven't posted many pictures lately. At harvest time its hard to get the time to sit at the computer while the pictures load. I'll try to post some pictures on Friday.

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